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FOX Business
Dec 30, 2012 2:30am EST
for trouble . you got auelax and fuel x is a huge tax . they are using the argument to get better mileage now. maybe you don't need to do so much. it is based on mileage. >> wayne makes a good point about the pvacy issue. transponder tracking my mile it is big brotherish. >> it is and john makes a good argument against it it is a important policy work. it is probably a bad idea. we don't need new tax. the mileage tax could hurt fuel efficnt car it is the and questions of heavy congestionimes and it is unwoable idea and why the obama administration distanced it. >> we have a trust fund in 2013 and that is to go to the roads. it will be negative and needs a fuel tax to fund it aga. >> it is not too long. it will go native in 2015. thgas tax isaised continuously since it was enacted in the 1950s. they are paying 64 cents a gallon in taxings. why is that the only proposal. it why not freedom. there is it public as in every country but here at home la guardia. terrible airport owned by the governme. new mexico and new zealand. airports are tradod the stock exchange and hps the government and servi
FOX Business
Dec 16, 2012 2:30am EST
of the victims children. fox news confirms the three weapons used were legally purchased and legally registered to lanza's mother. joining us now, psychotherapist robby, ludwig, and we talkedded about these killings far too much. in this instance, young, i mean, talking 5-year-old children, makes it all the more tragic p p >> right, and, i mean, sometimes what we see is these spree killers target children because they are an easy mark, and they know it's such a heinous crime. they target people during the workweek. they target them during work hours because th know that they can get the most amount of people during that time. there's always a connection. there's always some straw that broke the camel's back, always some major rejection that this individual can't tolerate, and the way they handle it is by targeting somebody that means something to them so what did the school mean to this particular shooter? what did the children mean? lou: and to kill his mother, that, in itself, and that is the beginning of the spree, as you described p -- described it. >> right, yeah. lou: that led to the murd
FOX Business
Dec 16, 2012 9:30am EST
in the business of propping up home ownership. it gets us in trump. the organizations have gone in and out of quasi governmental status and there is not a lot of accountability. if the organizations were the books of the u.s. government it uld make us look like greece tomorrow. instead, they are in like netherland so stuff like this happens. >> we're beginning to look like greece right now. butome things have improved. prices have gone up but that is supply and demand issue. supply is way down so delinquency rights are still very high. >> this is biggest government stimulus program of all. people forget, this stimulus, five trillion bucks. the president is rallying about fat cat bay but they were exempt from dodd-frank. they basically dominate the mark 90% of the mortgage market. they've got government backing. they don't have to compete. they don't have to out perform. they make more money than the government overseer, that is doing their job. you have directors there making millions of dollars. we should have reined them in long time ago. >> there was a ignite named franklin rains, he ma
FOX Business
Dec 9, 2012 2:30am EST
is that going to work. i am cheryl casone and welcome to cashin i . joining us is trace yejohn and christian dorsey . welcome to all of you. tracey, benefits the best form of stimulus, really, you agree with that? >> the only thing that jobss stimulus benefit i apathyt is it easier to stay at home and collect a check than work at mcdonalds. we are so lazy these days, take 99 weeks was a freebey. we saw it with the hoess union guys. we rather take unemployment than take consessions. >> wayne, the benefits areo crucial we should extend them and not keephem in pce but giveore of aand out to the unemployment for the reasons of saving the economy. >> i have a better idea. have everybody stand on the coer with a bag of cash. its idiotic and nancy pelosi, she is a -- econist. that is it a guy who drives the car by looking in the rear view mirror and goe around and seriouslyhe's more interested in "saving the economy" than doing something correct or doing it right. by the way, recently and i saw th on another network, forgive me, they were talking about unemployment and they were saying that the ide
FOX Business
Dec 23, 2012 9:30am EST
wayne rogers and johnathon and tracey burns and john layfield and joining us is malia mazoo. i know you like mcdonalds. >> you think they are being a scrooge or is it a gift to the workers. >> trade is productive. it doesn't matter on christmas or roshshana and mcdonalds is a service business like dennis and starbucks. they have to be open when people want to get serve that includes christmas day. it is it important to keep in mind to incent vise. they might offer time and hamful and not only ask them to but require it >>alt the same time mcdonalds was founded on principle to give them time off with their families. are they changing that . >> it is it a workers preotive to work anywhere else. there are not that many jobs in the economy. if you have a job be thankful. >> congress may be taking the time off. but mcdonalds had earnings that are down . staying up on christmas to me is something they should do. >> numbers are there. malia . a lolt of mcdonalds that opened on thanksgiving day booked profits and that was a lot of revenue for the mcdonald's franchise. does that mean they should
FOX Business
Dec 9, 2012 9:30am EST
that are not available. they are facts a to the whole idea that we should have someone who used to be an engineer working at mcdonalds for minimum wage. that is not a desirable thing in our economy . if thaterson were to take a job. they are better suited for the job and doesn't have one and how does that make you go better off. >> christian, you talked about facts, i quoted earlier, there is it a survey done in the midwest on manufacturing companies and they have tons of jobs open and not everybody is qualified. they agree and they are willing to invest in the training of the person to do that andhe guy said no, i would rather get unemployment. >> thank you to everybody. coming up. want smarter kid in the school . how about adding more days in school. taxpayers who might not like the cost of it. >> academic alert. wigum ralph. >> i won, i won. >> no, ralph. this means you are failing english. >> me fail english. that is impossible. >> kids are not going to like this one. taxpayers might not like it either. starting next year several public school districts in five states are addinging you more hour tots
FOX Business
Dec 2, 2012 2:30am EST
and tacey and john . jill joining us. wayne we'll start with you. is it time for a national lottery to pay down the federal debt same time. >> a question why not. if it works with the state governments. why not the federal government and me it a big and huge one and any little niche that you can knock down the deficit is good. >> okay, but john, what happens to the states. we are finding out that california is signing up for powerball because of the revenues that they get. is it bad for states. >> it is really bad for states. wayne has much chance of winning the lottery as geth throh a comment without johnathon interrupting. >> zero. >> and the problem you have with this. this could be a biion dollar jack mots and huge and going to kill the state lottos and in the stouthe states. they were sold as a way of funding education . that didn't happen. they are dependent on the general fund. cash strapped states that depend on the lotto, you will cripple the funding for the states is it a bad idea. it robs peter to pay paul. >> johnathon, you wouldn't be cutting wayne off. >> i am keeping quiet.
FOX News
Dec 15, 2012 8:30am PST
was len years old. >> the other was 12. they tricked their class mates and teachers and used a fire alarm out of the classroom to a fenced area. they open happened fire and the doors locked and the kids couldn't get back in. they killed five and wounded 10. one of the five killed was a teacher and the question is, how do you dole with an 11 year old who killed with someone? it never occurred to anyone that we neeleded to center a law that said it was wrong for an 11 year old to commit mass murder. >> they were held under arkansas law under the age of 18. and wouldn't have criminal rears. after 21 they were free. and the problem that we often face, how come we didn't have a law. you can't hava a law to predict. we do have a law. thou smalt not kill. the specific application is never going to be there. if people sape i hope we can pass law. we can and it is it a reaction and then manage else will happen and we'll say yet we have more laws. there is a bigger issue and that is this whole discussion of who we are as a culture and as a people. there is no simple answer to we'll talk about guns
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)